About Eat Moore Veggies

Moore Veggies are a family-owned and run business operating from Hi-Way plantation in Carnarvon, Western Australia. We grow and supply for fresh market a variety of quality vegetable and chilli products. Our family has been growing fresh produce for over 40 years. To note we are known to grow the hottest chillies varieties in the the world.  

To produce consistent quality and amazing produce we are well located on the Gascoyne River and grow on fertile river delta flats. Our climate is moderate, tropical and has an abundance of naturally filtered ground water. It is the perfect location for growing tropical fruits and vegetables.

You will see from experiencing our produce directly, whether its our hottest Mustard X chilli or Palmero sweet capsicums. We have a passion and love for our region, growing and the land. We hope to continue to grow the best possible produce we can for years to come.

Order online, we also supply direct to wholesale, events, gourmet, café, WA restaurants, with care from paddock to plate. You can also find our produce in season at chain stores and the Canning vale Markets in Perth, via DPD and Fresh Choice. 

Coral bay and Exmouth WA customers are able to purchase our produce and get freight through R & L Couriers if required.

Please note: Farm Gate sales aren’t available from the property due to possible biosecurity risks, please use our online store for door to door delivery via Australia post. Interstate customers we are able to send frozen bulk chillies.

Draskos Hot Chicken

Check out the latest Winning Hot Sauces using our Moore Veggies sourced Chilli’s. 

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Pickup or delivery can be arranged from Perth and can also get freight delivered to Exmouth.